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Tree Trimming & Pruning


Tree trimming and preventative cutting is a tree service overlooked at times. We offer Louisville and Jefferson County some of the most experienced, professional preventative tree limb trimming and cutting service. If you have branches creeping toward your house, dangerous limbs close to your roof, or just need more sunlight, FOREE TREE SERVICE can help.

Our team is properly equipped and trained to handle any situation. We have the latest in tree service aerial equipment, or if need be, the necessary skills to hand climb trees if machinery can't access the work area.



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Tree Chip Brush & Debris Removal


Are there tree remnant, brush piles, or any type of debris that need to be chipped and removed from your property?


Call  Foree Tree Service!



During tree care and tree removal operations, we use our chippers to grind the smaller limbs, brush it, and haul it away.


We can also come and chip piles of debris already in your yard if you request.


Chipping brush is part of FOREE TREE SERVICE's daily activities.


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Sometimes tree removal is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that FOREE Tree Service executes professionally. Removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees and those that have become hazardous and cannot be mitigated by other accepted cultural practices. Removals are also done to eliminate competition so the remaining plants have more light and space to develop. Trees are also removed to allow for new construction, building additions, and to provide clearances with those structures.

Tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture. Often, tree workers must remove trees growing in confined spaces near homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas. Tree removal requires considerable experience and training to successfully perform this task.

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Foree Tree Service is available for EMERGENCY tree removal / services

 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.