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Stump Removal


FOREE TREE SERVICE has the proper equipment to REMOVE both large and small STUMPS & ROOTS.


We have both TOW BEHIND and PORTABLE stump grinders to handle both Front and back yard removals.


 We only need a 36" gate or opening for backyard access.

STUMPS are generally ground 8" to 12" below ground level but we can grind as deep as you would like.

All equipment is landscape friendly.

STUMP GRINDING is the fastest and most effective method of STUMP REMOVAL for a minimal cost.

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  1. Termites love wood that is on top of and inside the ground.
  2. A stump must be removed if you want to plant, landscape, install or replace a fence, or perform construction in the same area.
  3. The stump continues to grow (determined by sucker-growth) and so do the roots, which may be pushing up cement areas, house foundations, fences, etc.
  4. A stump may be removed to allow drainage or because it is obstructing a waterway.
  5. You simply may not like seeing the stump there.

Beautify the Area

  • Free up area for grass or other purposes
  • Plant a tree in its place
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